Projects for real time monitoring

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1. Supply and install resistance wire strain gauges on existing JKR Bridges, and monitor together with linear
   displacement transducers during load test :
a. Bridge FT005/500/6 near Tanjong Karang
b. Bridge FT005/328/5 near Lukut
c. Bridge FT005/569/0 near Teluk Intan
d. Bridge FT003/365/5 Sg. Baging near Kuantan
e. Bridge FT003/373/5 Sg. Cerating near Kuantan
f. Bridge FT001/511/7 near Batang Padang
g. Bridge FT005/356/6 Sg. Sepang Kecil
h. Bridge FT001/268/8
i. Bridge FT060/28/5 near Pengkalan Bharu
j. Bridge FT001/425/5 Sg. Serendah near Serendah
k. Bridge FT005/409/1 near Kuala Langat
l. Bridge FT005/448/8 near Klang
m. Bridge FT001/149/2 near Segamat
2. Supply and install linear displacement transducers for load testing of North and South Bridges for New Pantai
3. Install linear displacement transducers and vibrating wire strain gauges, and carry out load test :
a. Sg.Semenggok 2 Bridge, Sarawak
b. Sg.Batang Padeh 2 Bridge, Sarawak
c. Sg.Kinarut Bridge, Sabah
d. Sg.Batu 30 Bridge, Sabah