1) UNITEST 500kN and 2000kN Compression Testing Machines for cores, bricks, grout cubes, etc
2) DENSICON Windsor Probe Test System
3) N-34 PROCEQ SCHMIDT Rebound Hammers
4) Concrete Coring Machines
5) Cube Moulds, Slump Cone, Compacting Factor Apparatus, etc
6) Sets of BS Sieves, Riffle Boxes, Weighing Balances, Oven, Speedy Moisture Tester, etc
7) Other equipment for aggregate testing
8) Standard and Modified Proctor Compaction Moulds and their respective hammers
9) Sand Pouring Apparatus for Field Density
10) Light Dynamic Cone Penetrometer
11) PUNDIT Ultrasonic Test Equipment
12) DEMEC Mechanical Strain Gauge
13) Wild NA2000 and NA3003 Precision Levels
14) TML TDS-301 and TDS-302 Portable Data Loggers with switch boxes
15) TML TC-1K and TC-31K Digital Strainmeters with switch boxes
16) TML 50 tons and 500 tons Load Cells
17) TML Displacement Transducers
18) TML Thermocouple Wire Type K
19) YOKOGAWA Thermometer
20) BRE Screed Tester
21) PROCEQ Profometer 5
22) CAMPBELL SCIENTIFIC CR10X Dataloggers with multiplexers
23) INSTANTEL MiniMate Plus Vibration Monitors
24) CARL BRO PRI 2100 Falling Weight Deflectometer